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As per usual, it’s time for some Hopeful Heroine recommendations…

Here’s my books for the week:

Current Read:
I read Grave Mercy a couple of months ago mainly because I loved LaFevers Middle Grade Theodosia Series. This is her first YA novel, and her writing doesn’t disappoint.

Ismae has trained at the convent for St. Mortain, the god of Death, to become his handmaiden and an assassin. The plot is interesting, it’s a new and different storyline from what’s out there, and though it wasn’t my favorite genre (historical…) I love LaFever’s writing. She’s so detailed, and great at research. If you want something different, check out the first of the His Fair Assassin series. Plus Ismae is a kick-butt heroine.

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Past Read:
The Adoration of Jenna Fox came last year as part of my dystopia kick. Boy is this one crazy novel! It’s not on the top of my dystopia-favorites list, but it is definitely an interesting read.

Jenna wakes up from a year-long coma, or so her parents tell her, but she doesn’t remember anything about the accident that caused it. We have to piece together things as the novel progresses, but when Jenn finds out what really happened to her, you’ll start thinking differently about what the future might hold for us.
If you are looking for a really different read–this is it!

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Hopeful reading friends!
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