Have I mentioned before that there are ~15,000 YA/MG/Children’s Lit books being published every year? And surprisingly, there’s now way I get to read them all. But that doesn’t mean I won’t want to at some point which is why my to-read list never gets any smaller.

But, just because I don’t get to read some of the new books right away doesn’t mean you shouldn’t, so I’d like to start doing a monthly feature of new releases for that month. It’ll be simple–covers only–and I probably won’t even be close to listing them all, but I’ll try. Otherwise, it’ll mostly be books I’m looking forward too. *If you’re a book blogger and have suggestions about resources on where to find upcoming releases, I’d love your advice!

These posts will also feature Captain Nosy because he LOVES it when I bring home new books. I only thought it appropriate to dedicate new releases to him.

September 1st


Week of September 4th




Week of September 11th



Week of September 18th



Week of September 25th


September looks like it’s going to be an amazing month in the YA book world! Let me know if you get the chance to read any of these new releases, I’d love to hear your thoughts!