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As per usual, it’s time for some Hopeful Heroine recommendations…

Here’s my books for the week:

Current Read:
This is quite literally the current read, seeing as how I just finished Tiger Lily last night.

What. A. Great. Book.
Honestly, I’ve read mixed reviews about it, but usually anything Peter Pan works in my book. But don’t go into this story thinking you know the story.

It’s a completely different read than any Peter Pan you’re used too. And I liked that about it. Certain important elements are given new reasons for why they are the way they are, and Anderson was so imaginative about it. If you’re looking for a thoughftul and emotional read, this is it. However, it’s also a heartbreaking read, so bring your tissues!

*Recommended full review over at The Hopeful Heroine

Past Read:
The Night Circus is one of those books that people aren’t sure how to rate. I don’t think it was initially written as a YA book, but all the same, I feel that YA’s would like it.

Think circus + magic show. As a debut novel it is SUCH a interesting story! Morgenstern’s prose is beautifully crafted and even seductive at times. She pulls me right into the story.

Which excites me because this is one of those stories I want to be pulled into. After I finished, I hoped beyond wishing that I myself could conjure some magical powers.  If you’re looking for a read with some depth and strong prose, this is it. However, the ending is a little less than what I would have liked, but nonetheless, I enjoyed it all around.

*They have some opposite things to say but recommended full review over at NPR.

Hopeful reading friends!
Now… add to my shelf!