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Some of you might be wondering… I’m 25, and yet, I still read kids books.
Well let me tell you, there are some valid reasons why I read them.

I thought about initially giving you a list of my top ten reasons why I read YA/MG, but, I like to save my Top 10 posts for Tuesdays.

Instead, how about a series?
A fun series like
“Reasons Why I Love YA/MG in Terribly Drawn Pictures That Make You Smile”

Reason #1

They’re cheaper than adult books which gives me the excuse to buy/own my own library

With three shelves full, the library has started. Now, if only the husband would stop oh-so-subtly telling me I need to quit buying books…..

Discussion time:

What’s one reason you read YA/MG?

Hopeful reading!