I have this thing for book covers.
I love them.  Well, some of them.

I also judge them, which I’m pretty sure numerous reading teachers told me not to do over the years. Despite their warnings, I’ve been a rebel and my judging skills have grown over the years. It seems that now when I pick a book up for its cover, I often love the story.

But, this being a book blog based around discussion and all… I’d like your thoughts.

Hey, I just met you… and this is crazy….
But here’s my cover… so read me maybe.

I picked out The Selection several months ago because the cover is just beautiful,

and it had me wondering…what sort of time period is the story set in? Is she a princess? Is she a beauty queen? A mermaid turned human? Too many ideas!

Currently, it’s nestled safely in my purse for some free reading time between classes today. I cannot wait to start it.
But until then, I want to know what YOU think about the novel!

If you haven’t read The Selection, based on the cover alone

what do you think the story is?

If you have read the story

what was your impression of the cover before you dove into the pages? What did you think the story was?

After your comment, feel free to head over to the Goodreads page and check out the synopsis!

Hopeful reading!