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Time for another installment of

“Reasons Why I Love YA/MG in Terribly Drawn Pictures That Make You Smile”

Reason #2

The imagination of YA/MG authors often blows my mind

I once heard in a communications class (I originally went to school to become a movie director) that there are only 13 storylines in the world and every story is built off of them. However, I learned this summer in my YA Lit class that about 15,000 children’s books are published every year. The fact that YA/MG authors keep coming up with original stories is simply amazing. Even retellings often include some originality.

Imagination keeps me hopeful that books will always be around, and that maybe, someday, I might even write one.

Bonus time: Can you tell me all eight novels I’ve featured in my drawing? I might send you a fun prize.

While you’re at it, check out reason #1 and tell me one reason YOU read YA/MG.

Discussion time:

How do you feel about the imagination of YA/MG authors? Jealous of it? Divulge in it? Too complicated? Not original enough? Hopeful?
What one storyline blew your mind?

Hopeful reading!