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source: Scholastic teachers FB page

When I was a kid, I wanted Clifford for a friend. Not a pet. A friend.
He was probably THE. COOLEST. DOG. I knew.
And I say I knew him because after reading his books, he became my imaginary friend.

source: Clifford FB page

Yes. That happened.

So, wouldn’t you know that while I was perusing Facebook this morning, I found out that Scholastic Teachers has a whole celebration going because Clifford is 50 today!

Make sure to eat a cupcake for him. As his once-official buddy, I know he would like it.

Also head over to NPR’s website for a good article and interview with his creator, Norman Bridwell.
Happy Birthday Clifford!

source: NPR

Discussion Time: Were you a big Clifford fan as a child? What was your favorite story of his? Did you ask, plead, and beg your parents for a giant red puppy like I did?

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