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*Note: This column comes from the fact that  I truly do believe in the power of story, and I  know there is a book for everyone. So even if a book may not the right book for me, that doesn’t mean it might not be the book that makes you become a reader.

It’s funny. I talked this one up a couple of Fridays ago because, that’s right, I was reading it over two week’s ago. Which means I did my usual and renewed it, but somewhere along this last week, I picked up some other books and just haven’t been able to find my way back to this one.

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My current {not} read this week is Secret Letters by Leah Scheier.
Published: June 26, 2012
Publisher: Hyperion
Age Group / Genre: YA | mystery, historical fiction, romance

Why I picked it up: When I made my annual Friday library visit, then was a new book of the week. In fact, I think it had just been put out on display that morning, and I very much enjoy being the first to check out books from the library so that was one reason. The second is that Sherlock Holmes is the protagonist’s supposedly biological father. And I love anything Holmes-esque.

How far I got: The beginning of Chapter 5–about fifty pages.

The story so far: Dora has ventured into London with her older cousin Adelaide to help her solve a terrible mystery. Adelaide is being blackmailed with some past love letters, and though Adelaide herself is quite capable of taking on the case, it’s “not proper for a young lady,” and so the two have sought out the help of Sherlock Holmes. Only, Dora has ulterior motives considering Holmes might just be her real dad. And then there’s the fact that the papers have announced his death the morning Dora is to meet him. Throw in the young Peter Cartwright, a detective in training with just the snarky-ness to match Dora’s personality, and suddenly there’s a bubbling of romance and the partner she needs to help her solve Holmes’ death.

Why I put it in the drop box: I didn’t stop reading this one because I didn’t like it… it was just a little slow to start off with and the other books I have picked up this week grabbed me from the beginning. My life is so fast-paced right now that I need a book to keep up.

Will I pick it back up?: I honestly would like too. I could see this becoming a nice winter read during my semester break when I’m just ready to simply read a book–and not review it.

Have you read Secret Letters? Or do you stay away from Holmes’ tribute novels? If you’ve read it, what do you think about it? Does it pick back up any? A good mystery plotline?