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#booknerd fails on my part….Granted, I think half of these unfinished series is because I just didn’t like them.

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme hosted 
by The Broke and the Bookish. They like lists over
there, and what's more fun than lists about books?

Up for discussion this week is….

Top Ten Series You Have Yet To Finish

1. The Giver Quartet.  Fail. I read this in junior high, and I’ve known it was a “series” for awhile (more companion books than sequels) and The Giver is only on my favorites list. No big deal that I haven’t read the others. I have GOT to get on this series: Gathering Blue, Messenger, Son

2. The Matched Trilogy. I only say this because the third novel, Reached,  doesn’t come out until November. Otherwise, since I’ve read Crossed, it would be game, set, match for this trilogy.

3. The Inkworld Trilogy. I read Inkheart my freshman year of college, and I bought Inkspell to go along with it. Both are hardbacks and beautiful editions. Only, I never finished the second. Inkdeath has been out for a while, and it still hasn’t’ found a place on my shelves.

4. The Graceling Realm Series. If you read my Graceling review a couple of weeks ago, you’ll know that I’m in no hurry to finish this series, even if the idea of companion novels intrigue me: Fire, Bitterblue.

5. The Chemical Garden Trilogy. Eh. Another trilogy I’m not too hot to finish. Granted, the third book, Sever, isn’t out yet, but I disliked Wither and Fever enough that I haven’t even attempted the novella Seeds of Wither yet. Gah! Even the title grosses me out.  But the covers are beautiful.

6. The Gemma Doyle Trilogy. A Great and Terrible Beauty was one of the first YA books I picked up when I got back into reading the genre a couple of years ago. It was so different I had to read Rebel Angels, but then I just felt confused. I still haven’t picked up The Sweet Far Thing

7. Across the Universe Trilogy. Don’t get me started on this one. Did. Not. Like. It. After sludging through Across the Universe, I started A Million Suns and only made it to page three before I gave up. I was intrigued by the initial Beatles reference, but not so much that I’ll read Shades of Earth.

8. His Fair Assassin. I LOVED Grave Mercy, and I cannot wait to read Dark Triumph and Dark Hope.

9. The Weetzie Bat series. How I never knew about this series in high school, I’ll never know. Some of the content is probably a little mature for YA but nonetheless, this would have been my series as a teen. I was just different, and weird, and when I read Weetzie Bat this summer for the first time for class, it took me back. (Six books and a prequel.)

10. The Gallagher Girls. I picked up I’d Tell You I love You But Then I’d Have to Kill You this summer and it was just a great all-around read. There are four other books in the series, and my laziness has just caused me from picking them up yet. But I will. I will.

Discussion Time: Have you read any of these series? What’s been left unfinished for you and why?

Hopeful reading everyone!