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Today’s topic: Two books that give me butterflies

Since today is a special day, I thought “how about some teen romance.”  Mainly because we all need some butterflies once in a while.
If you’re looking for just a little bit of love, or just need a smile, I think I’ve got two books for you.

This is my Favorite. Book. Ever.
1. I fell in love with Wes when I was in high school.

2. Then I fell in love with “Wes” for real and got to marry him. i.e.–when I read this book now, Wes just reminds me of my husband. I think it’s the whole artsy thing. I mean, come on. What teenage girl doesn’t want to fall in love with an artist?

3. The romance, as usual with Dessen, is NOT overdone. It’s sweet, a make-you-feel-good book, and not just a happy ending but a very plausible one.

1. Finding a boy in the middle of the night because you both can’t sleep? Could definitely be creepy, but Dessen makes it cute. Especially when Eli reveals his secret place to flatter his midnight sweet tooth.

2. Bicycles and quests. What girl hasn’t dreamed of going on adventures with the boy of her dreams? I still do…. in fact, I’m secretly planning this crazy Route 66 cycling adventure with the hubster for next summer. It will happen. And I’ll probably take this novel with me for some fun reading.

3. Sometimes I just wanted to smack the girls on the head in Dessen’s novels because I feel like they totally miss out on the obvious… like how great Eli is, and how no other boy in the beach city even compares.

Sarah Dessen is usually my go-to for teen romances because her stories are sweet and real…at least I feel like I”m practically reliving my teen years. But my favorite part is that Dessen’s novels keep the sex out of the plotline. Which makes the stories even sweeter.

These are definitely my top two picks when I just need a little smile. Think of them as the feel-good 80’s romance movies only book style.

Book Talk: Have you read either of these Dessen novels, or any of her others for that matter? What do you think? Make you smile? Take you back to your teenage love years? What are your top two recommendations for a good teen romance?

Hopeful Reading!