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Dear Little Brother,

I remember shortly after getting married a piece of writing entitled “Date a Girl Who Reads” went viral. At the time, I was over-the-moon-living-my-honeymoon having only gotten married three months earlier. I knew after reading that piece of writing, I truly had married the perfect man. He saw all of those beautiful, bookish, intellectual qualities in me and embraced them.
He even bought me books.

Today, you are getting married to the girl of your dreams. I originally thought about posting my piece of writing earlier this week on my anniversary, but as I have prepared to watch you take the hand of your love, my piece has become not only the story of my marriage but the draft of yours.

After years of watching the two of you grow more and more in love with each other and sharing the simplest and most beautiful of days, I know fully well that your future will always be a love story.

You have found your heroine.
It’s time to pedal along.

Your sister

Marry a Guy Who…
(In response to “Date a Girl Who Reads”)

If you’ve ever been told, “I don’t want sunbursts or marble halls, I just want you,” or “I’ve loved you ever since the day you broke your slate over my head,” you should know that the man who told you those things understands your heart.
Marry him.

And with that, you should also marry a guy who will consider a trip to the bookstore as a date night and proceed to get lost in his own books in such a way that you have to walk up and down the aisles multiple times before you find him hunched over a book in the quietest section of the store.

Marry a guy who will challenge your reading genres when he introduces you to Sci-Fi, and then carries on deep conversations with you about the future when he realizes you do, in fact, love the genre but try desperately to hide it from him so he doesn’t know he was right.

Marry a guy who will not laugh at you, but instead smile when he finds you curled up in the children’s section, lost in Narnia. But will then listen to your rant about the terribleness of Twilight when you completely disregard the YA Paranormal fiction section as you are walking out of the bookstore.
Over a cup of coffee he will make fun of Edward’s “dazzling-ness” just to make you laugh.

Marry a guy who will let you read for hours as you sit next to him while he plays video games–which then leads to heated discussions when you realize his inferno game is based on the classic novel. And finally, as he reaches that imperative part of the game, you begin to weep because of your beloved character’s untimely death. He doesn’t make a sound but pauses the screen and simply holds you.

Marry a guy who isn’t the jealous type when he finds out your heart’s crush is Mr. Darcy and will sit through the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice –straight through– even if it means you get the only TV on a Sunday afternoon during football season.

Marry a guy who would buy you a Kindle for Christmas despite your qualms about electronic books not feeling or smelling the same as real books because he knows there might be a day when you can’t take your bookshelf with you and you’ll secretly want an eReader.
It means he knows that even if you say you don’t want one, you really do. And he’ll find a way to trade in all of his video games just so you are never without words.

Marry a guy who laughs at you in a beautiful way when you are all wrapped up in a book and then when you finish, you feel so lost that you stomp around the house for days in a terribly, irritable mood because you just want to go back there…to the book world… but you know the second time just won’t be the same. And so, he says “Let’s go” and you end up at the library on a Saturday morning.

Marry a guy who would let you wear a dress with puffy sleeves, simply because you want too. And then, he would tell you you are the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

Marry a guy who will always, always appears as the love interest in your dreams…that just happen to be modeled after the book you fell asleep finishing. And when you wake up, you find a card addressed to “My Heroine” telling you that he believes in your dreams.

Sometimes those dreams come true when he plans your first vacation to Harry Potter World because he knows you want nothing else than to sip Butterbeer by the fire, visit Honeydukes, and eat chocolate frogs.

But those dreams get set in motion when you marry a guy who plans your honeymoon to Prince Edward Island because he spent his teen years reading Anne of Green Gables with you on the porch swing.

He will be the guy who tells you stories far into your marriage, and when others ask of you, he will smile and talk of how he married the most beautiful, brilliant woman. A woman who laughs at his jokes and understands his humor. In fact, she banters right back with him, proving his equal.  He will always say that you are the woman who is his better half and who believes right alongside him that “life is [far] worth living as long as there are laughs in it.”