Today marks the 30th anniversary of Banned Books Week, and as a a future teacher-librarian, I am all about promoting banned books. Even though books are challenged every day in school, the freedom to read is a freedom we should not take lightly. Yes, even as a teacher-librarian, there might be books I wouldn’t recommended to kids because of their age level, but I would never ever censor a book. Words are part of our freedom of speech, and no matter the words, they should never be censored.

As a believer in the power of story, I believe there is a book for everyone. And though those words, at one point in time, might not be the words for a thirteen year old, they may be the words for them later in life. But if those words have been censored, they may never affect them or change their life.

I invite you to join me this week as I talk about banned books. I will be featuring different bloggers and friends as they talk about some of their favorite banned books, share stories, as well as share why they think promoting banned books is important. This week will also be full of short reviews and recommendations!

So for today, check out the top ten banned books of 2011 and let’s start discussing!

source: ala.org

Book Talk, what do you think will make this year’s banned books list?

Hopeful reading!