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I thought what better way to wrap up my first blogging celebration of Banned Books Week than with some of my all time favorite words.

You would think that Shel Silverstein would never show up on the banned books list, but alas, his books have been challenged numerous times.
I, however, find them to be silly and just plain fun.
Why would someone ban his books you ask? Well, one reason Harper Collins states is that they “encourage children to break dishes so they won’t have to dry them.” (A Light in the Attic)
They’ve also been known to encourage kids to pick their nose and avoid taking out the garbage.

And here I thought they were just a comic relief.

Nonetheless, I want to go out with a bang this week and so I’m sharing his words with you. Banned or not.

source – Harper Collins

After reading this, perhaps I’ll skip work tomorrow 😉

Such bad ideas for children, don’t you think?

I always smile when I read Silverstein’s words, and some day, I hope to teach my own children poetry through his words.

Whatever you read, don’t let the whispers of the book being banned stop you from picking it up. It may not be the right time or age to read the book, but that doesn’t mean the right time or age won’t roll around.
Celebrate your intellectual freedom, and the freedom of words, by picking up a banned book every once in awhile.
Don’t hesitate to fall into the story…You never know when those words might change your life.

Hopeful reading!