High school was an important time for me as a reader.  I had been an avid book lover up until that point, but there were several things during my high school years that cemented my destiny as a reader.

  • The actual books I fell in love with. Despite being busy with clubs and sports…and homework…I found myself reading so much. It helped that my friends were readers and so we would spend lunch time in the cafeteria reading, and then sharing our books with each other.
  • Another was my school library/librarian. The high school I went to was small (300 students total) but we had an AWESOME library and participated in the inter library loan system so I could pretty much get anything I wanted. As proved by my Forever…story. Plus I had the sweetest school librarian, Mrs. A. Not only did she know her books, but she was always recommending great reads. And she told me several times that I would make a great school librarian. I always spent my study halls in the library (wow… I really do have this thing for avoiding homework) because I enjoyed talking books with her.
  • Which is why when she started a book club, I was in heaven. Not only was this a great outlet for me, but it was where I started to truly discuss books and to think critically about them. AND it’s where I was introduced to Sarah Dessen…(more on this later this week!)

As a future educator (I’m sure you all are tired of hearing that…) Teen Read Week is important to me. It ranks up there with banned book week, and combine the two and you have yet another reason why I love fall.

Just like BBW, I’m all about celebrating. So, I hope you’ll join me this week as I feature a couple of book lovers who explain why reading in their teens was so important to them. You’ll also find out some of my reading background, and some fun things like polls,reviews of important books to me, and activities to connect to books.

And as a final celebration….
I’m hosting my first giveaway!

I’d like to thank my public library for this one. They hold a used book sale every August, and for $1 a bag, one can walk out with as many books as they can fit.  I splurged and bought two bags.. and it’s because of that I have some books for you this week!

Up for grabs today is All Souls by Christine Schutt

In 1997, at the distinguished Siddons School on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the school year opens with distressing news: Astra Dell is suffering from a rare disease. Astra’s friends try to reconcile the sick girl’s suffering with their own fierce longings and impetuous attachments. Car writes unsparing letters, which the dirty Marlene, in her devotion, then steals. Other classmates carry on: The silly team of Suki and Alex pursue Will Bliss while the subversive Lisa Van de Ven makes dates with Miss Wilkes. The world of private schools and privilege in New York City is funny, poignant, cruel, and at its heart is a sick girl, Astra Dell, “that pale girl from the senior class, the dancer with all the hair, the red hair, knotted or braided or let to fall to her waist, a fever and she consumed.”

National Book Award Finalist Christine Schutt has created a wickedly original tale of innocence, daring and illness.

-source Goodreads synopsis

I will admit, I have not read this novel I merely picked up thinking I would put it on my classroom library cart, but I do love private schools and privilege stories so I think it will be a good one!

How to enter

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The giveaway will run until the end of the day (Midnight) Thursday, October 89th. I’ll announce the winner on Friday and contact you by email! Good luck!

Book Talk:  What sort of books would you recommend to teens who don’t like to read?

Hopeful reading!