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I think one thing that cements a reader as a Teen Reader is a love of books from a younger age. If they’ve found books they love in middle school, then I don’t think anything will really stop them from continuing to pick up books.

I’ve found with the Middle Grade level, it’s easy to make a reader out of someone if you can tie activities into the book…such as baking…I mean, who wouldn’t want to read about and then bake the same exact cupcakes the protagonist just baked!?!

Author: Sheryl and Carrie Berk | Website
Genre: Contemporary, Realism, Foodie
Pages: 191

Kylie Carson is in for a tough year. She’s a fourth grader this year, new to her school, and for some reason Meredith just won’t stop picking on her.

When it comes time to give her expert presentation in class, Kylie is super excited to talk about Monsters and all of her knowledge. That is until Meredith tears down her presentation.

After her favorite drama teacher announces she’s moving, Kylie knows it’s going to be a long year. That is until Juliet the new drama teacher suggest Kylie start a baking club to bring together new friends. But what happens when Meredith tries to sabotage the baker’s big cupcake party? Let’s just say it has nothing to do with peace, love, OR cupcakes.

5 reasons why this book is marvelous!

  1. It’s about cupcakes.  And the best part is that the authors have included the three important recipes from the book so readers can bake them themselves!
  2. The book is co authored by a mother-daughter duo. Sheryl Berk is best known for her book Soul Surfer, and her daughter, Carrie is a 9 year old cupcake connoisseur! And like the author duo, Kylie and her friends work/bake together as a team.
  3. The novel addresses bullying on a middle school (actually 4th grade) level. It brings to light some issues and good ways to handle those kids who just won’t leave you alone. The book holds a lot of good, hidden lessons for readers.
  4. It has kid humor. As much as I hated middle school myself, I love reading middle grade novels because kids really are just funny. I feel that the Berks really captured the 4th grade spirit…probably because Carrie was inspired from real life!
  5. It’s part of a series! The Cupcake Club: Recipe for Trouble just came out this month. [Check back Saturday for some fun! *blog tour and giveaway!]

I think I’m definitely up for baking cupcakes this week. Who’s with me???

Hopeful reading!