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A couple of weeks ago, Alison at The Cheap Reader announced an awesome blog project having to do with fairy tales.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of fairy tales….ok, so yes, I did grow up on the Disney movies, and I’m positive my mom read me fairy tales, but then I went to college and it becomes a long story, but let’s just say they aren’t high on my reading list.

Unless they are the original Grimm stories with blood…then I like them.
(Sidenote: I just started A Tale Dark and Grimm by Adam Gidwitz today, and it is fabulous.)

So really… that’s not the truth either. I enjoy fairy tales if they don’t have blood or sad endings. I guess you could say I have a hate-love with fairy tales. Sometimes I think they teach kids, especially girls, to sit around and wait for the Prince instead of going off on their own adventure, and other times the hopeless romantic in me likes them. Like I said: hate-love.
From a literary perspective though, I think it’s all in how the stories are looked at, read, and interpreted–i.e. fiction and NOT reality.

So when Alison proposed a project where bloggers choose one fairy tale, and then read three retellings and compare and contrast the stories via reviews, blog posts, other fun discussions, and a whole month devoted to the project, the lit nerd in me was all in.

I’m so ready to debunk fairy tales.
Which pretty much means bring on Project: Fairy Tale

For the next couple of months I’ll be researching The Snow Queen, so if you have any great recommendations for retellings, send them my way! And if you want to jump in and join the fun, visit Alison’s post about Project: Fairy Tale and sign up! She’s looking at either February or March 2013 for the Project to take place, so feel free to cast your vote as well!

Then join in to see what Captain Nosy and I come up with.


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