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When I was a kid, I desperately wanted to be an archeologist who got to study Egypt and Mummies.
Ok…total lie…. I still do.

Last year, one of the first middle grade series I stumbled upon was the Theodosia series by Robin LaFevers. Wow. Fabulous reads! Today I’m giving a book talk, and after changing my mind a few times, I decided to promote the first in the series.
Who’s ready for mummies and ancient curses?

Author: R. L. LaFevers | Website
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin
Genre: Historical fiction, adventure
Pages: 344

Imagine being up to your elbows in evil curses at eleven years old. Well, that’s life for Theodosia Throckmorton. Her father is the head curator for the Museum of Legend and Antiquities in London and her mother is an archeologist off on an Egyptian dig. Since Theo is the only one who can actually see the curses plaguing artifacts, it’s up to her to sneak around her father and protect the museum by ridding all of the ancient artifacts of the sinister magic lurking in the dark hallways.

When her mother returns from Thebes with her latest find—the Heart of Egypt—Theo stumbles upon a curse so abominable it threatens to collapse the entire British Empire. On her quest to nullify the curse, Theo makes a new friend and discovers a secret society that gets rid of curses just like she does, but on a grander scale. Time seems to be Theo’s biggest obstacle as she races against the enemy and ancient Egyptian magic trying to save not only her country—but herself.

5 reasons why this book is marvelous!

  1. Ancient magic and secret societies!  Mystery lurking around every corner!
  2. Theo is somewhat rebellious but only to protect her family. She is so courageous for an 11 year-old (and smart!) She’s a great heroine for readers to look up too.
  3. Egypt, mummies, cite digs, and history. Total fun!
  4. Even though Theo slacks on school a little, she has a studious mind when it comes to Egypt, and her determination has good, teachable lessons for kids.
  5. Never fear… Theodosia is another great series! There are three more published novels and possibly more to come!


Would you be brave enough to venture in ancient tombs even though there is a possibly of being cursed? Or do you believe in the curses?

Hopeful reading!