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A couple of weeks ago I was perusing local (and by local, I mean Chicago which isn’t that local for me) book events. What can I say? Breaking into the book blogging world has made me anxious to meet some great authors!

It was my research that caused me to stumble upon probably the. greatest. event. this year. (Besides my meeting John Mayer of course. True story!) Anyway, I digress.

I should probably start this story with the fact that my husband is a huge science fiction fan. So much so, in fact, that he has tried relentlessly to get me to read his favorite book, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. I’ll admit, I have started it several times, but I get to about chapter 4, and then I end up picking up another book and never finish Ender. But, Orson Scott Card  just happened to write a new (by new I mean book 1 came out in 2010) YA trilogy. His first attempt as YA, even though Ender just happens to be read by a lot of young adults.

Nevertheless, even though I’ve never read any of Orson Scott Card’s novel, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t thrilled when I discovered he was doing a signing at a book store within traveling distance of me.

And so, the best. birthday. present. ever. for the hubster.

Orson Scott Card had Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville (my new favorite bookstore!) on his book tour for the publication of book 2 in The Pathfinder Trilogy. After discovering this, I thought to myself it was very much time for a spontaneous trip! I didn’t tell the hubs until the night before the signing, and he went crazy!

So this is how we spent our Thursday night! We had a great time, too. Orson Scott Card gave an hour long presentation before the signing, and as a writer myself, Ienjoyed it!  He had some great pieces of wisdom, and I loved his description of his writing process:

“Think, think, think, and then write like crazy!”

Someone asked him how he felt about Ender’s Game being required reading for some high school students and this is what he said:

“When I first heard that Ender’s was required reading I thought back to what I read in high school. Then I thought, will it be the next Scarlet Letter? Then I realized even when I was nine I was never as bad a writer as Nathaniel Hawthorne.”

Let’s just say, the guy had a great sense of humor!  He was really fun to listen to, and down to earth when we met him. He is also very willing to sign every single book you bring to him, as long as it’s something he wrote. There was even a gentleman there with a box full of Card’s whole collection!

It was a great experience for my first author-gig, and the hubster was happy so the night was a success!

Told you he was a fun guy….

You can’t tell I was excited, can you?!?  Guess it’s time I pick up his novels!

Book Talk: Are you an Orson Scot Card fan? If so… favorite book? Have you read the new YA series?