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Time for more honesty. Wintertime makes me sad–as in sort of literal and just blah. Though I grew up in the Midwest with snow days, blizzard shut-ins, and lots and lots of sledding… I’m not much of a fan anymore.
Perhaps that could be because as an adult, snow days are very rare.
And I also really miss the sun during these months.

So… to combat my sadness and because I really, really, really, have the travel bug, it’s time for a new series here on The Hopeful Heroine.

Welcome to my Friday Follies!

As an again-college student, it’s not quite possible for me to travel the world these days. I have been to Ireland because I studied there for a summer when I was in school the first time around, and I credit that trip with birthing the travel bug in me.
That trip was four years ago and the travel bug is still alive and kicking.

Today is the day when I confess that ultimately, my soul is a nomadic wanderer, and I would travel the world in a heartbeat if that is what I was paid to do. (I’m still working on getting that job.)

But since I don’t see that job in my near future, I’ll turn to my next love–> books. For very little money–sometimes even free (thank you public Library!)–I can travel to wherever my heart wishes. And often be back in time for dinner.

My follies for the weekend include lots of traveling, and I’d like to invite you to travel along! Though Eat, Pray, Love isn’t a YA book (I might recommend it for older readers) I thought it would be the perfect book to start my adventure.

This probably won’t be a weekly series seeing as how, you know, sometimes life does overtake my traveling wishes, but I hope you’ll travel with me as I venture along! I have some great stops planned this winter, and hopefully beyond! Trust me, I won’t even make you stowaway.

Now it’s your turn!

Book Talk: If you could take a year off of work, life, school, and travel to three countries, where would you go, and why?

Hopeful traveling!