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I’m a self-proclaimed nerd. I LOVE book clubs. In fact, I’m a part of one right now and we’re actually spending a whole year reading children’s literature.

A book club is actually what helped cement my love of reading in high school, and it is definitely something I’m looking forward to introducing in my class when I teach or become a librarian. There’s just something about sitting around with a group of friends, discussing our love of books, and even picking on characters once in a while. So what’s even more fun, is reading books about book clubs. Super, duper, nerdy-wonderful!

Author: Heather Vogel Frederick | Website
Publisher: Simon Schuster
Genre: Contemporary, Realism, Bookish
Pages: 256

Middle school is full of ridiculous drama, and Megan, Cassidy, Emma, and Jess are no exception. Between friend feuds, hockey practice, not having enough books, and a missing mom, the girls have to figure out a way to make it through the year.

Enter the mother-daughter book club–minus one mother of course. When the drama gets out of control and fiascoes start showing up around every corner, the girls decide there is only one way they are going to navigate it through this middle school year–by asking what would Jo March do?

5 reasons why this book is marvelous!

  1. First off, it’s a book about books, and one of my favorites at that –>Little Women. Though we don’t get a whole retelling of the book, or even spoilers, it’s really fun to watch the characters work their way through a classic and see how it influences their lives for a year.
  2. The story is told from multiple points of view. I love this technique because Megan, Cassidy, Emma, and Jess are all completely different girls! This gives readers the chance to perhaps connect more with one girl than the other, but they will most likely know girls (or have friends) who are like the other girls. Vogel Fredericks does a great job with the girls’ personalities, and her POV shifts are done smoothly.
  3. Contemporary Realism is one of my favorite genres. Don’t get me wrong… it’s great to escape to other worlds, and fall into fairy tales, but every once in awhile, the thing I need most is to connect with characters in more of a real world. I really found myself in all of these girls, and the issues they deal with are issues middle grade girls will deal with. The Mother Daughter Book Club is full of hidden lessons, and teachable moments. Most importantly, it relates ways book can help us move through life.
  4. There’s just enough drama to keep the story interesting, but never over done! And possibly… a little bit of middle school crushes.

    source – author’s website

  5. The best thing ever about this book?!?! We get to grow with Megan, Cassidy, Emma, and Jess as there are currently 5 more books in the series!

Book Talk: Do you like to read books about books? Does it encourage you to start your own book club? Or are you a non-book club type of person?

Hopeful reading!