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*Note: This column comes from the fact that I truly do believe in the power of story, and I know there is a book for everyone. So even if a book may not the right book for me, that doesn’t mean it might not be the book that makes you become a reader.

I featured this book a couple of weeks ago on my cover love because I found it on my library shelves and thought it was just a beautiful looking book.
I guess you could call this a case of “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” because unfortunately, it ended up here.

Welcome to What I’ve {not} Been Reading Lately
may contain spoilers

My current {not} read this week is 13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison
Published: April 12, 2010
Publisher: Little, Brown, and Company
Age Group / Genre: MG | fantasy, adventure, fairies

Why I picked it up:  Honestly, I loved the cover. I mean, look at it. It’s just beautiful. I also love middle grade adventure stories and fairies. When I was a kid, I swear I was always searching for fairies. I knew Tink was in Neverland, so I invented my own friends–Pinky and Blue.

How far I got: Page 26, part way into Chapter 3

The story so far: Tanya is a pretty good 13 year-old, except for the fact that evil fairies torture her during the night and her mother happens to think she’s crazy. Tanya can’t talk about them or write about them, so when the broken light fixture (because of the fairies, of course!) pushes her mother over the edge, Tanya is sent to live at her grandmother’s secluded manor, Elvesden, which just happens to be full of fairies.

Why I put it in the drop box: I have had this book for weeks and renewed it twice because I really, really want to read it. However, my list of review books needs attention, and I just happened to pick up a highly anticipated read this week, so there’s probably no way I am going to dive into 13 Treasures anytime soon. I did enjoy the first couple of chapters, but I just can’t seem to want to pick it up.

Will I pick it back up?: Yes. I very much enjoy fairy lore, and I tend to go through phases with books. There are a couple of other fairy stories that I am curious to read so I will hopefully pick them all up after the holidays. Plus 13 Treasures is part of a trilogy, and that intrigues me even more.

Have you read 13 Treasures? Or are you not a fan of actual fairy tales? If you’ve read it, what do you think about it? Is is a good adventure?