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Today’s marvelous book is an oldie but a goodie. And I can guarantee it has a strong following.

I don’t know about you, but when I get a series into my hands I have to read every book straight through. Add in Greek mythology for the storyline and you would be lucky to see me before I finish the books.

I have always been a fan of mythology, so when I picked up this book and realized every bit of every story I enjoyed was possibly happening in today’s world… you can bet I was ready to jet off to New York to find Mt. Olympus.

Author: Rick Riordan | Website
Publisher: Hyperion Books
Genre: Mythology, Fantasy
Pages: 375

Life is a little tough for Percy Jackson. He’s on the list to be kicked out of middle school again. But, that’s not really the biggest issue in his life. It seems that the monsters and gods of Mount Olympus are real… and somehow, he’s angered them.

Percy and his new friends have only ten days to set whatever issue he messed up, straight. But riddles, monsters, and betrayal line his path. Along the way, he also has to meet up with his father who abandoned him and prove a difficult prophecy wrong. Life sure is much tougher when you’re a demi-god.

5 reasons why this book is marvelous!

  1. I have always loved Greek mythology, and this series in NO WAY dumbs down Greek myths for kids. I love how the original aspect to each myth is incorporated into the story, but it’s set in today’s society.
  2. Percy is an awesome hero as are the rest of his friends. Percy himself struggles with dyslexia which is actually explained as having to do with his Greek roots. I think it’s so great to take something like a learning disability and turn it around for the hero. Protagonists are so often “perfect” and I feel his struggle is something that many kids can relate too.
  3. Have I mentioned this book has been made into a movie? Because it has. I’m usually a fan of book-movie combos just because I love to see how someone else has visualized a story. And it’s a great, clean movie so along with the book, both could be used as great teaching tools in the classroom.
  4. AND it’s a series. There are five books in all, and a new spin-off series where Percy is a little bit older.
  5. Riordan is a great writer. He has strong characters, deep history, great dialogue, and beautiful scenery. An overall great read.

Book Talk: Do you like the Percy Jackson series? How about the movie version? Were you a fan of mythology before you read these books? Have you jumped into Riordan’s new series, The Heroes of Olympus?

Hopeful reading!