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Hey readers!

Welcome to another round of Wednesday Wonderings!
I actually had a whole different question for today, but it has been one of those days.
You know… where one domino is knocked over and you can’t seem to keep the others from falling too? Or as I like to call them in all my hyperbolic wisdom –

An End of the World Day.

I know you guys have these kind of days too…. so let’s talk it out.

Early last year, I was obsessed with dystopian novels. I had just read The Hunger Games, and I wanted more. So I went through about a six month phase where I picked up literature on the end of the world. And surprisingly, for never having really enjoyed science fiction-y literature before, I was hooked on new stuff.

Turns out it wasn’t just me. Dystopia has been the new trend for the past couple of years, and it seems like it isn’t dying out anytime soon. I found several new favorite book AND authors because of the trend. But, I also found a few series that I just couldn’t finish.

Nevertheless, (and despite a lack of dystopic reviews on the blog… I must fix that!) I think dystopia as a genre is fabulous; not only for escape but for book talk it welcomes and the classrooms it can change. There is so much underneath the surface of a dystopic story that engages my mind. Henceforth, why I think sci-fi has and always will be popular, and why dystopia has become the new thing. Plus, after I finish a novel in the genre, I feel as if I just have to talk it out with someone. I often find my mind going a million miles an hour because not only am I trying to figure out the story–or am freaked out because I’ve finished book two with a cliffhanger and I have to wait a WHOLE YEAR until the next one comes out–but I’m imagining how our world would be if this. exact. plotline. happened. And then suddenly I’m the heroine of my own story, fighting off the bad guys with my bow and arrow or mad hand-to-hand combat skills, all the while with Captain Nosy by my side. Who either probably happens to be passed out in the grass or on the couch because he got bored with my fighting skills or is simply smiling and panting, letting me do all the work.

Exhibit A:

So… if you haven’t noticed on the blog before, I tend to be a little hyperbolic. I can’t help it. I feel that hyperbole makes life fun. (And it’s a super fun word to use.) As I said earlier, today has been one of those End of The World Days, and it actually started with a Captain Nosy emergency. (He’s fine now!)

It started like this: I walked into my living room after work this morning and found his bed and my floor covered in blood. At first I thought he had massacred a rabbit, but then I realized it was coming from him. Suddenly, I shifted into End of The World Mode: Had he been stabbed by a bad guy out to get us? Or had he been tortured for my book reviewing secrets?

No. He simply ripped off a toenail and bled like he had been stabbed in the jugular. So, lots of rags, duct tape, and a vet trip later, and I’m feeling pretty happy with how we handled the situation. It also made me wonder, how would Katniss, Lena, or Tris have handled my situation?

And in turn… that got me to wondering about how all you lovely book readers (and perhaps dystopian gurus) would handle something crazy like, oh say, the end of the world?

With those thoughts posed….my Wednesday Wondering for you this week is

Today’s experience, along with my love of dystopic YA Lit (and use of it as my survival guide) definitely makes me want to be an End is Here Newbie.
I mean… this whole End of the World thing? Piece of cake.