I’m deviating from the norm a little because I have a few writing things I’d like to share with you.

I don’t often get personal on this blog because for me, this is an outlet for reviews and all things books. I am a passionate reader, and in fact… I would go as far as saying books are my number one hobby. A hobby that I would someday love to make a job just because I’m a firm believer in connecting one’s passion with one’s career.

I know. I dream. But reading and writing… that’s just me.

And with that, some of my passion is being shared elsewhere, and I wanted to let you in on the secret.

Today, some of my poetry makes it’s debut in Euphemism, and I can officially say I’ve been published again. Granted, it is just in my University’s journal… but I’m adding to my resume. If you’re a poetry reader and you would like to check it out, visit Euphemism’s website and in the poetry section, look for “Creation” and “Cleaning the Tank.”

Also… I’m not going to get too personal here, but I wanted to let you know that I will also be writing over at another blog titled Hopeful Heroine (notice ‘the’ is missing…done on purpose as it is an entirely different meaning than my superhero alter-ego.) This one is Tumblr style and completely unrelated to books. In fact, it’s more of a journey I’ll be taking this next year of thankfulness and joy. I’m calling it my quarter-life memoir, and I hope to showcase my creative non-fiction/poetry writing.

Don’t feel obligated to visit, read, or follow either. I’m just letting the world know!
And don’t even think I’m going anywhere!  Thank you so much for being book lovers here, and for engaging me is nerdy conversation and adding to my TBR list.  I am deeply loving the book blogging community! This blog is a big passion… and I’m only getting started.