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Today… I’ve got a serious issue on my mind. It is one of those issues that I feel is often unavoidable, (it comes with any sort of hobby or time of life) but as a book blogger this could hinder my hobby for much longer than I would like.
I call it, The Slump

From the Twitter feed and blogs I read, I know I am not the only one to go through this. The Slump seems to be pretty common. I would like to think that it started last week for me and is just a combination of some outside influences.
Firstly, I contracted some sort of cooties from the kids I work with and in not feeling well, I just suddenly wasn’t up to reading. I also finished my finals this ,so a case of being stressed and busy has also probably led to my not wanting to pick up a book.

But the thing is, I have a huge pile of books to read. Some are review books and others are just ones I picked up from the library that I’m not going to review. But for some reason, I just don’t feel like reading. And I think this started before I got sick last week.

Part of me wonders if it is because I review almost everything I read, and that I also have an extensive stack of books to review. I haven’t been able to just pick up a book to read for fun. Plus, the book that I am seriously waiting-hoping-wishing for still has me at the millionth and one spot in the library’s queue.

Part of me also wonders if The Slump is because I’m officially four months into blogging, finally finding my pace, and enjoying every minute of it–which often tends to be about the time I switch hobbies because I can never just stick with one thing. But all of me really, really, really wants to stick with book blogging because I love it (and ya’ll!!) so much!

I guess I am wondering, have any of you ever gone through The Slump before? I know when I was an undergrad I faced The Slump every so often. As an English major reading, reading, reading, there were times I just didn’t feel like picking up anything else. But here I am on winter holiday–finally–with four weeks of freedom, and I can’t seem to find the desire to read. I’m in the middle of about three books right now and it just feels like a chore to finish them, as if I’ll never get to the end.
Le sigh.

With those thoughts posed….my Wednesday Wondering for you this week is

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And if it is simply finding a good book to get immersed in–what book would you recommend?

PS….I’ve created a collection of my future Wonderings