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Today marks a day I always celebrate because without Ms. Austen, I would not be the book lover I am!

Happy Birthday Jane Austen!!!

My secret life often involves me covered in flour, and if I hadn’t been extremely busy this weekend, I would have baked a cake like this one (from Sprinkle Bakes) in celebration.

Ok… baked, yes. Decorated, no. I’m not so artsy.
(As if you couldn’t tell from my doodles.)

So instead, I will celebrate Jane Austen’s Birthday The Hopeful Heroine way–with books!

This is also my shift into something else new I want to try on the blog. Eventually, I’m going to be a high school and/or junior high English teacher and/or librarian. I grew up on and love classic literature but that isn’t always the case for kids today. Of course, my nature as lit lover extraordinaire/teacher is to want to introduce my students to this wonderful, life changing literature. However, I think when it comes to classic literature,  I am going to have to start slow and with something to hook my students.
Welcome to Credits for Classics or YA-adaptations that-I-think-will-be-great-ways-to-suck-my-students-into-classic-stories (without them ever knowing and leave them wanting more–or hopefully, the original.)

Today’s edition is most definitely Jane Austen style.


If you like Emma, suggest the movie Clueless. It’s a modern retelling (via 1995) about a west cost teen who is all about the matchmaking. Who of us didn’t grow up with Cher?


If Sense and Sensibility is a favorite, Sass and Serendipity is a good read. Sisters Gabby and Daphne deal with the drama of high school not-so-flawlessly and in ways that teens can relate too.


Should Pride and Prejudice be a favorite novel and you have not discovered The Lizzie Bennet Diaries yet, you haven’t lived. 21st century vlogging with a gorgeous Mr. Darcy. What teen girl wouldn’t be interested?


Unrequited love? How about unrequited love, dystopian style? For Darkness Shows the Stars is the perfect retelling of Persuasion for today’s teenagers and the current lit trend.  Though I haven’t finished this read yet Jamie loved it!


Is Mansfield Park a favorite? I always feel bad because this is the one novel I often forget about. However, the movie version of the same title is a great visual and a way to draw readers in.


Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about Northanger Abbey. The one retelling I found for YA readers happened to be a little Twilight-y, and since I have an aversion to that series I have a hard time recommending the retelling. Anyone have a good retelling of this one?

Book Talk: I know there are a million retellings of several of these novels…these just happened to be round 1 that I came up with. What are some of your favorites modern day Jane Austen retellings?