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First I just want to say, can you believe that Christmas Eve is one week away, today?  My mind has been everywhere this year it seems, and I cannot begin to fathom that Christmas is almost here.
Which is why I decided it’s probably time to start with my Christmas traditions… and one of them involves reading today’s featured book.

Before I say anything else, I just have to tell you that today’s book is magnificent. Seriously… it is all sorts of magnificent and if it has not been one of your Christmas reads before now….you have to pick it up.

Author: Barbara Robinson| Goodreads
Publisher: Harper Collins
Genre: Realism, Holiday, Humor
Pages: 128

If you thought your brother or sister was the worst, then you haven’t met the Herdmans. They are definitely the worst kids in the world. See, they are the kinds of kids who steal and swear and even smoke cigars in the bathrooms. So when they decide to help out with the annual Christmas pageant, the town is pleasantly surprised.

But the Herdmans have never heard of the Christmas Story, so their interpretation is a little bit different. In fact… it might just be the worst best Christmas pageant to remember.

5 reasons why this book is marvelous!

  1. I first read this book in fifth grade, and it has stuck with me ever since. It is one of those stories that is a reread every Christmas season because it reminds me about the true meaning of the season all the while filling me with middle grade humor.
  2. The Herdmans are just all out hilarious. So kids today don’t really smoke cigars in the bathroom… but the exaggeration of the characters gets me every time. They are easy to love and even relate too at times.
  3. The novel itself was first published in 1972, and it has since become a classic. I don’t know if it is read in the classroom anymore but it is definitely one to read to or with your children.
  4. It’s been made into a movie that is equally good.
  5. With lines like these…. readers are bound to finish the story smiling: “And I thought about the Angel of the Lord–Gladys, with her skinny legs and her dirty sneakers sticking out from under her robe, yelling at all of us, everywhere: ‘Hey! Unto you a child a born!’ “

Book Talk: Have you read The Worst Best Christmas Pageant Ever?
If so, what are your thoughts? Is this part of your Christmas tradition every year, like it is mine?

Hopeful reading!