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Wow. What a year it has been!  Though, I think I tend to come up with that summary every year…

Either way, I am extremely excited to welcome in 2013! But before I do, I think it only appropriate to look back at what this year brought to my life (and to my book world.)

I started the year crazily by leaving the world of commuting and transferring my job to the town I live in. Then I turned around a few months later and quit said job. I ran my fourth half marathon, watched my brother and future sister-in-law graduate college, and then I went back to college. And by back to college, I mean I registered as an undergraduate for the second time in pursuit of my secondary teaching certification. We got to meet John Mayer, and then the hubster left for the summer for lots of Army training, so I started training for my first marathon. I coached a couch to 5k program, helped start a running club in town, celebrated our 2 year anniversary, and was race director for my first 5k. Then my leg decided to get injured and I withdrew from marathon training. I stopped fitness blogging and found my niche when I started The Hopeful Heroine. Captain Nosy turned 9, I conversed with some AWESOME blogging peeps and the hubster got his first ministry job. I watched my little brother get married, submitted my student teaching application, and I had two poems chosen for publication. I went to my first author signing, and officially climbed over the quarter of a century mark, wherein I decided to make year 26 a year of balance. Then I came down with a scary virus, started a new Tumblr venture of no expectations, and had my first research proposal accepted for presentation at an academic conference. We celebrated a wonderful Christmas with family, and I finished the year with 70 more books on my read shelf.

Which leads me to 2012 in books!

Some of my favorite 2012 reads were:

Though, if you just check out  my 2012 reads shelf on Goodreads… just about every book I read fits my favorites list.


As the year comes to a close, don’t think my review list has gone away. Here is little sneaky peak of what’s to come on The Hopeful Heroine.

Future reviews for the first half of 2013:


And last but never least, what would New Year’s Eve be without a few resolutions? If I’m going to be a hardcore reader/blogger, then these are a few books I MUST get too. I know, I know. Don’t judge me for not reading most of these books yet, but do tell me your thoughts about them. Which should I jump into first?

Books I resolve to read in 2013


Books I am looking forward to in 2013

Way to many to list here!  But keep a look out for Captain Nosy’s Future picks on the 1st of every month. Those posts will hold the 2013 gems I cannot wait for.

The Hopeful Heroine will also be hosting lots of changes during the next year.  Less meme participation and more reviews and recommendation fun! My posts may slow down a bit as I start my classroom practicums, but never fear, you’ll still find lots of books here. (And probably some really bad poetry.)

Thank you so much for joining me in 2012 as I started my venture in book blogging. I hope to see you around next year. And who knows… maybe we’ll even meet up!

Happy New Year Readers! I wish you hopeful reading for 2013!

Book Talk: How about you? What did 2012 hold for you, and are you ready to ring in 2013? What one book are you looking forward to reading next year? What series are you ready to finish up?signature.jpg