2013 has officially begun.  I find it absolutely crazy that the new year is upon us, and I am trying really hard not to even think about how fast this year will move.

However, in terms of new books, I am definitely thinking ahead. There are SO MANY books coming out this year that I cannot wait to read. I suppose my TBR list is going to grow exponentially this year, especially since I have resolved to read at least a dozen books I didn’t get to last year.
Nonetheless, here is what January holds for my liking!

Week of January 1st


Week of January 8th




 Week of January 15th

Week of January 22nd


Week of January 28th


Book Talk: What does January hold for you? New series to start? Continuation of series you just fell in love with last year? Or a series that’s already been out, but you decided you might like because book 2 or 3 looks great? (Looking at this month’s releases, I definitely found about 3 new series I want to start!)

Let me know if you get the chance to read any of these new releases, I’d love to hear your thoughts!