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It’s a new year, which for a YA book lover like me means new reading goals, new publications, new authors to discover, new books to love, and possibly even new series to get lost in.

All that sounds great, right?  Or… does it sound overwhelming? As if there are shelves and shelves full of books you will never get too, and disappointment hiding right around the corner because of a failed TBR list.

I took a much need vacation from blogging last week because I still felt as if I was in The Slump. I won’t lie to you–it is two days into the new year and I think I’ve only read about ten pages of the book I started last week. I hate to say that I’m burnt out on YA reading, but I think I’m still just enjoying my break. I’m doing some first of the year deep house cleaning, hitting the gym with a new workout buddy, researching for a conference presentation, and cooking up some new dishes.

But don’t worry. I have a review scheduled for tomorrow… and I know I’ll pick up a YA book sooner or later. With all that has happened in my reading world over the last few months (starting the blog, meeting new people, reading some great books, realizing how much I LOVE to write a review) I will admit that I thought about setting some crazy goals for this year. I mean, I see people on Goodreads who read over 100 books a year and I love it! I want in! I read about book bloggers receiving scores of new ARC’s, and I want in on those too! But unless I’m picking up picture books, there is no way in my busy life that I’m going to read that many books–ARC’s or not. It was hectic enough getting to 70 last year, so 100 is definitely out for me. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try my best to beat last year’s goal or to even read every book requested of me.

But in order to do that, I also got to thinking that I NEED to read for me. Not to say that I don’t do that in the first place, but since I started book blogging, I think I got a little overwhelmed with reviews, and since August I’ve really only been reading what I’ve been requested to read, recommendations from other blogs, and hype books. I’ve forgotten about the mysteries and contemporaries I love. I’ve let go of the memoirs and classics that line my shelves. I need some moderation in my book life.

And so…as I enter into the new year, I’m going to make a resolution I really think I can keep. I’m going to reintegrate my reading life. I will never, ever give up YA. After all, I contracted Peter Pan Syndrome at a young age, and I am going to be a teacher. But I can’t forget about the rest of my brain that likes to escape into other worlds and other genres. I need a little bit of life thinking from creative nonfiction. I need a few lessons and wisps of romance from the classics I adore. And most of all… I need to research for my own writing. Which means stepping away from YA every once in a while so I can come up with my own creative storyline.

With those thoughts posed….my Wednesday Wondering for you this week is


There are definitely about a dozen books I really, really, really, want to read this year… but I’m trying not to go too crazy with my TBR list. It’s all about discovering what’s on the shelves. Including the ones in my living room.