Alas, it is the last day of my winter break before classes start up again, and I did not read nearly as many books as I wanted too. It’s 11 days into January, and I haven’t finished one yet.


I have been reading a little, but I just cannot seem to finish a book. I’ve deep cleaned my house, enjoyed the weather this break, got back into my yoga practice, spent time with family, signed up to start my yoga certification, researched for an academic conference I’m presenting at, cooked….but just haven’t finished a read.

What is wrong with me guys? Is this ever going to go away?
Considering I picked up four books from the library this afternoon, I sincerely hope so. The blog might slow down a bit starting next week because I’ll finally be in the high school classroom observing/teaching a bit, but I do hope to be posting more than I did this week.
Plus, I think Days of Blood and Starlight is finally en route to my library. Perhaps it’s just the book I need to get reading again.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Pick up a good book for me.
I’ll leave you with my DIY project I also completed this week…. a thankfulness tree. Because despite my lack of reading and posting right now, I’m thankful ya’ll are sticking around!