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I realized yesterday that I’ve been dropping all these hints about presenting at a conference about YA Mash-Up lit, and some of you might not even have a clue as to what I’m talking about. I thought I’d share today, and try to get some feedback from you!

1. I will be giving a presentation at the English Studies At Large academic conference at my University in February, and the nerd in me is super excited. Not only do I get to talk about Young Adult Literature and have people listen to me, but this is something that will be great for my future as a teacher.

2. What the heck is Mash-Up literature?!?!? Well, Publisher’s Weekly put out a great article last fall that really got me started on my own research. I’ve noticed the blurred genre line in YA has really started to make it’s appearance, and in fact, 2013 looks like it is taking the Mash-Up genre even farther. As a teacher-librarian, my question (and research) has to do with how blurring genres and mixing and matching stories is actually a fabulous thing because it is creating more readers!

So, my question to you YA readers is… have you noticed the Mash-Up genre, and if so, what do you think? Feel free to comment and start some discussion with me, as well as take my fancy, schmancy poll!

Personally, I love the idea of the Mash-Up… I think it is opening up the world of YA in totally new ways. Plus, YA authors are just so ridiculously imaginative!