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Oh my goodness….I cannot wait to share this book with you!

This year my book club has chosen to pick middle grade books to read, and January’s choice just happened to be one my friend found on the shelf. I honestly have no idea how I have not found this book before now. I love middle grade stories, but I absolutely LOVE humorous, adventure, mystery stories… and boy, does this one fit everything I’ve ever wanted in a middle grade book. That is, until I write one of course!

Author: Dr. Cuthbert Soup| Website
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Genre: Humor, Adventure, Mystery,
Pages: 272

The Cheesemans–that is Ethan, Gerard, Magenta-Jean, Jough, Steve the sock puppet, and Pinky the hairless dog-are all on the run. From whom, they aren’t quite sure of because there’s a lot of them. The CIA, corporate men with #s instead of names, and a crazy old international super spy and his chimp.

See, the Cheesemans are really just a normal family, except that Mr. Cheeseman and his late wife’s famous time traveling invention sort of causes them to live life on the run, constantly changing their identities. I know, such a tough thing to do. But… the kids don’t seem to mind! Are you ready for a high-action, high-stakes story with a few pirates, a cowboy poet, and lots of unsolicited advice you should really take to heart? If not, I’m pretty sure Steve would challenge you to a duel.

5 reasons why this book is marvelous!

  1. If six adult women could spend hours laughing over this story during a brilliant discussion time, then middle school readers are going to love it! The number one reason this book is marvelous is because of the narrator, Dr. Cuthbert Soup. He is outside of the story, yet inside of it, and he is punny, witty, and all-around humorous. Not to mention one who offers unwanted advice that honestly, might just help readers out in life.
  2. Overall, this is a story about family. The Cheesemans do not in any way live a normal life, especially since their mother was killed. However, Mr. Cheeseman works hard at keeping his family together, and is constantly trying to find a way to bring his wife back. Even though the family moves around way too much–Mr. Cheeseman makes an effort to get his children involved with their interests, and he is always there for them. And nothing–not even international super spies–can break the love and protection this family has for each other.
  3. It is super hard to pick my favorite character from this story because all of them are so wonderfully written! I feel as if both the good guys and bad guys are such round characters that even without all of their back story, they are easy to fall in love with. I know, who wants to love villains? But these guys are so hilarious, it’s hard not to love-hate them!
  4. After every chapter, Dr. Soup offers some sort of advice to the reader. It often pertains to something that just happened in the previous chapter… but let me tell you, the advice is hilarious! I think my favorite is how to make butternut squash…trust me, you’ll agree!
  5. The most marvelous aspect of this novel? It totally leaves the reader hanging with it’s very last sentence because it’s a series! There are two more books, and after reading their summaries, they look to be just as humorous and marvelous reads as this one!

Book Talk: Have you read A Whole Nother Story? Have you even heard about it before? Are you a big fan of the middle grade humor? Because even if you aren’t, this book is going to make you laugh!

Hopeful reading!