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Hey, I just met you… and this is crazy….
But here’s my cover… so read me maybe.

Since this month is the month of The Snow Queen, I found it appropriate to make today’s cover love part of Project: Fairy Tale
There are numerous adaptations for Andersen’s tale–both in picture book and novel form–but my favorite cover art just happens to be in picture book. This is a story that I imagine so vividly while I’m reading it, and I always think of the Snow Queen as being this tall, gorgeous, regal woman—whose beauty is actually scary, yet memorizing at the same time.

This first cover, illustrated by P. J. Lynch, is beautiful in its simplicity, and captures my image of the Snow Queen perfectly:


The other is illustrated by Vladyslav Yerko, and it’s the Queen’s eyes which strike me:

What do you think? Aren’t they gorgeous? How do you picture the Snow Queen?

Instead of my usual guessing game today, I challenge you to read the fairy tale (or at least my summary of it)

If you have read the story though,

what is your impression of these covers? Like? Dislike? Not at all what you picture?

Check back next week, not for more covers, but for different images that I think bring The Snow Queen to life.

Hopeful reading!