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*Note: This column comes from the fact that I truly do believe in the power of story, and I know there is a book for everyone. So even if a book may not the right book for me, that doesn’t mean it might not be the book that makes you become a reader.

This week I was supposed to immerse myself in zombie literature, falling prey to the weird apocalyptic walking dead and their symbolism for today’s society.
I tried really hard you guys to get into this story… but I just ….couldn’t do it.

Welcome to today’s edition of
may contain spoilers

My current {not} read this week is Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion
Published: April 26th, 2011
Publisher: Atria
Age Group / Genre: YA| Horror, Zombie, Romance

Why I picked it up: For my Books to Screen feature, and for the “Year of YA movies”

How far I got: Page 48, Chapter 5.

The story so far: R really can’t remember anything from his previous life. All he lives for these days in brains. Quite literally considering they not only keep him going, but feed him memories of the lives of his victims. That is until he starts gnawing on the brain of a teen boy during a raid and immediately  falls into his life which just happens to include beautiful Julie. In an instant, R saves Julie from the rest of his zombie pack, takes her back to his place to keep her safe, and takes her on a date.

Why I put it in the drop box: I thought for sure since I wanted to review this book for a feature I would read it. But… my not-so-love for zombie novels won out. The only zombie novel I have ever been able to finish was Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and I’m pretty sure I only pushed through that story because it was a Jane Austen adaptation. Warm Bodies was somewhat grotesque, and honestly, I couldn’t fathom the concept of a zombie falling in love with a human.

Will I pick it back up?: Definitely not, unless for some odd reason my book club picks it as a read.

Have you read Warm Bodies? Did you like it or did you find the concept hokey like I did? Have you fallen prey to the popularity of zombie stories?