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As part of my research for Andersen’s The Snow Queen, I granted myself some Pinterest viewing time. I wasn’t sure what exactly I would find….cupcakes? Party themes? Fashion?

However… I knew it would be glorious.

Today I want to share with you some images I found that just struck me. When I imagine the Snow Queen herself–I picture a beautiful, stunningly gorgeous woman who is both captivating and frightening at the same time. These images are all representations that help feed my imagination. *All images via Pinterst

My thoughts of her in part two of the story, morphing from a snow flake to a woman.

I feel this image captures her journey to her castle, with Kai along for the ride.

SQ1I found this image to be breathtakingly innocent.


Finally, this is how I see her the moment she realizes Kai breaks from her hold.

If you decide to take a Pinterest break yourself and search “The Snow Queen,” you’ll find still images, book covers, fashions, cakes, stamps, drawings, and more. These are just a few that stood out to me and matched the picture I create in my head as I’m reading the story. I love seeing how others imaginations and artistic talents work!

Book Talk: What do you think… do you like these images? What do they evoke in you? Or have you found another strong representation of the Snow Queen?