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I am going to precursor this post with a disclaimer. I have enjoyed every opportunity I have had so far to review books… and my mind is always blown away when I get an email from an author or publisher asking me (ME!) if I would like to read their book and review it!

But what happens when it’s a book that just doesn’t suit me?

I completely understand my right to say I am not interested in taking review requests at this time; however, I love books. No is a hard thing for me to say. In relation to books, I’m sort of like a YES! woman. I never want to turn one down, and there’s rarely a book I don’t like. Honestly, I’m usually like Jim Carey in the Red Bull scene of Yes, Man! But once in a great while, I start a book that just can’t keep my attention. Which is how my unfinished read pile started.

When it comes to new books though, there is always this little part of me that wants to take a chance and turn its pages because I don’t know what the story will hold! And I’m curious, and excited, and yes that book is EXACTLY what I want to read right now or it might be something I can suggest to a student. Which is how my to-read pile has exponentially grown.

I literally have a stack of book I am so excited to read and review for authors and publishers (some soon, some whenever I can get to them) and I’m wondering… am I the only one with a physically large to-read pile from generous authors and publishers, or is there a way to say thanks but that book isn’t for me?

Because if you know the secret, I would love it!

Otherwise, this whole thought process of I’ve been given an awesome opportunity to read and review a book… I should take it! might just weight my reviews down well into next year.

With those thoughts posed….my Wednesday Wondering for you this week is