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Today’s MMGM is slightly different.  I just finished a book I am so extremely excited to share with you… but it’s not out yet! In fact, it doesn’t come out until June!

I’m sort of particular with my reviews, I like to post them close to publishing date, but I really, really, really want to share this one with you.

So begins the Highly Anticipated version of MMGM. This is where I tell you about a book that completely knocked my socks off and make you extremely excited to read it by only giving you a synopsis and few reasons why I LOVED it.

Kind of mean, I know. But I just really want to get you excited about this book. I promise as it gets closer to the publishing date, I’ll post a full review. Until then… here’s what I’m excited about this week:

Author:Luke Hollands| Twitter
Publisher:Sparkling Books, Ltd
Genre: Mystery, Adventure, Historical,
Pages: 150
Release Date: June 3rd, 2013


Peregrine Harker is about to learn you’re never too young to die.

London 1908: A secret society stalks the murky streets, a deadly assassin lurks in the shadows and a series of unexplained deaths are linked by a mystery symbol…

When boy-detective Peregrine Harker stumbles across a gruesome murder he sparks a chain of events that drag him on a rip-roaring journey through a world of spluttering gas lamps, thick fog, deadly secrets and dastardly villains.

Every step of Peregrine’s white-knuckle adventure brings him closer to the vile heart of a terrifying mystery – the true story behind the Brotherhood of the Black Death

source: Goodreads

5 reasons why you should anticipate this book!

1. Murder
2. Mystery
3. Mayhem
4. Adventure
5. A boy protagonist

Told you I’d be secretive!  But mark my words… this is a book that must-MUST be a part of your summer reading! I will tell you this though: this is definitely a book that will be a part of my classroom library!

Book Talk: Have you heard about Peregrine Harker & the Black Death? If not, what do you think it sounds like? Are you excited about a boy main character like I am?!

Hopeful reading!