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When February first started, I was both excited and overwhelmed to share with you many of The Snow Queen adaptations I had been researching and reading. I say overwhelmed because I know I only found the beginning of the list when it comes to adaptation of this beloved tale.

So I decided, what better way to bring Project: Fairy Tale to a close than another installment of Credits for Classics or YA-adaptations that-I-think-will-be-great-ways-to-suck-my-students-into-classic-stories (without them ever knowing and leave them wanting more–or hopefully, the original.)

Today’s edition is most definitely The Snow Queen style.


Cameron Dokey is well-known for her Once Upon a Time retellings. Winter’s Child: A Reteling of the Snow Queen features Grace and Kai, two modern day teens learning how to love. The YA novel is a very close retelling of Andersen’s original tale.


Francesca Lia Block has written a collection of short stories entitled The Rose and the Beast. In it, readers will find a beautiful, lyrical tale called “Ice” reminiscent with an opening line of: “She came that night like every girl’s worst fear, dazzling frost star ice queen” readers will surely fall into the tale.


Wendy Delsol’s Stork series is about sixteen-year-old Katla who finds out she is a Stork, a member of the mysterious order of women. Trying to be a normal high school student, Katla befriends Jack. The first in the YA series, Storkis inspired by Andersen’s story, while the second, Frost, introduces the Snow Queen and digs even deeper into the tale. Flock, the third novel wraps up the series nicely and brings in more Norse lore.


This November, Jackson Pearce’s fourth fairytale retelling will be published and it just happens to be about The Snow QueenCold Spell is a typical YA love story as Kai and Ginny have been friends forever. But suddenly, a beautiful stranger with a heart of ice – Mora – sweeps Jack away. Ginny is swept up in an adventure she never dreamed of, to fight for a love she isn’t sure will stand.


If you’re up for visual adaptations, don’t forget about Faerie Tale Theatre! Season 4 episode 2 was “The Snow Queen” and it is fabulous. I might be biased though, seeing as how I am in love with Faerie Tale Theatre.


Word on the street (aka Wikipedia) also tells me that this winter, Disney is releasing a new animated feature loosely based The Snow Queen. (By loosely… I mean think Tangled).
Not sure how I feel about it considering I am not a huge fan of Disney, but perhaps I’ll give it a look.

Book Talk: I know there are so many more retellings…. what do you think. Have you read/watched any of these? Looking forward to a few? Do you have a favorite retelling I haven’t covered this month?