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Is a weekly feature here at The Hopeful Heroine where I give short and sweet reviews of books I’ve read. I don’t always have the time to sit down and do a full review for every book I read, but I still want to share my thoughts! Plus, many of these reviews are of books I read prior to staring up the blog and wish to share with you!

Since Requiem and Sever are on my TBR-soon list, having just been published, I figured it was high time to catch up on the series’ reviews. Here are my thoughts on books 2 of the Delirium and Chemical Gardens trilogies. If you haven’t started the series, my thoughts on books 1 can be found here.

Up this week
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Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

"After falling in love, Lena and Alex
flee their oppressive society where
love is outlawed and everyone must 
receive the "cure"--and operation that
makes them immune to the delirium of 
love--but Lena alone manages to find 
her way to a community of resistance
fighters. Although she is bereft 
without the boy she loves, her 
struggles seem to be leading her 
toward a new love."

            source: Goodreads' synopsis

Review: Delirum intrigued me tremendously with it’s concept, and I really fell in love with Oliver’s writing in book 1, so needless to say, I was excited when I finally got my hands on Pandemonium. I went into the story without any hype or expectations, which was probably a good thing considering it fell into the second book syndrome for me (or as Brittany calls a slump). Oliver’s writing is definitely still mesmerizing, but the plot line somewhat bored me. I constantly wondered where she was going with the story, and as with most second books, so much of this felt like a placeholder for what was to come.2 rating I almost found myself wishing the story had been summed up in one novel.
However, the ending did throw me for a loop… and let’s just say I’m looking forward to picking up book three.
If you enjoy dystopic tales, especially the concept of love as a disease in this series, you might find yourself picking up this book. Just be warned that you’ll want book 3 handy once you finish.
Published | Publisher: February 28th, 2012  | HarperTeen
Pages: 375
Age Group | Genre: YA | Dystopian, Romance 

Fever by Lauren DeStefano

"Running away bring Rhine and Gabriel
right into a trap, in the form of a
twisted carnival whose ringmistress
keeps watch over an menagerie of girls.
Just as Rhine uncovers what plans await
her, her fortune turns again. With 
Gabriel at her side, Rhine travels 
through an environment as grim as the 
one she left a year ago--surroundings
that mirror her own feelings of fear
and hopelessness.
The road is long and perilous--and in 
a world where young women only live to
age twenty and young men die at 
twenty-five, time is precious. 
Rhine must decide if freedom is worth
the price--now that she has more to 
lost than ever."

                                   Source: Goodreads' synopsis

Review: I was so disappointed in the first story of this trilogy–mainly because of the concept of polygamy and the amount of sex within the story lines–but I had to pick up book 2 because I’ll admit it, DeStefano hooked me with her premises. I will say that I wasn’t any happier with Fever, it’s really just not a good series fit for me. As per trilogies lately, I also found this novel to fall into the second book syndrome. The plot itself is very interesting, and I like how DeStefano took Rhine out of the house and completely changed the setting around–but it felt out of place in the arc of the story. In that instance, Fever wasn’t so much as a placeholder for the 3rd book but just out of place. However, I will pick up book 3 because I want to finish the series, and I am very curious as to how this novel is going to tie into the ending. I have a feeling that everything that happened in Fever will have meaning in Sever. I’m just not sure how. 2 rating
If you enjoyed the first novel, you’ll most likely enjoy this one as well–just be prepared for major changes and big shifts. I suppose “keep an open mind” applies here. Which is exactly how I’ll be thinking when I finally pick up book three.
Published | Publisher: February 21st, 2012 | Simon & Schuster Children’s
Pages: 341
Age Group | Genre: YA | Dystopian, Romance, Sci-Fi

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