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Hey, I just met you… and this is crazy….
But here’s my cover… so read me maybe.

This week’s cover is most likely well-known in the book world. But it’s time for another book nerd confession–I haven’t read this series. In fact, I haven’t even read any of The Mortal Instruments series.

Shocker. I know. I vow to at least try out the first one this year though considering there is a movie and all.

Until then, today is publishing day for last book in the Infernal Devices trilogy, and based on the third cover I think I may just have to pick them up too:

I am in LOVE with this book cover, and I honestly don’t even know what the story is about. I see it and I think steampunk-magical-victorian era- loveliness. My hope is that the cover is just as beautiful, if not more, in person.

I bet it’s shiny.

Nonetheless, what do you think? It’s time to play a little guessing game. (No spoilers if you’ve read an ARC!)

Based on the cover alone,

what do you think the story is?

If you have read the story,

what was your impression of the cover before you dove into the pages? What did you think the story was?

After your comment, feel free to head over to the Goodreads page and check out the synopsis!

Hopeful reading!