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Remember a few months ago when I went through The Slump? (Well…how could you forget when I constantly bring it up!) Anyway… since I’ve gotten over that rotten time of life, I think I’m going through the exact opposite. Or… perhaps I’m just back to my normal self.

What is my normal self, you ask? Well… my normal self is a readaholic, library obsessed, book nerd.
It’s a self that visits the library every week (typically on a Friday) just to make my week feel complete. It’s a self that happens to bring home a stack of new books even if there is already a pile or two at home. It’s a self that cannot contain herself in a cheap, used bookstore. And it’s a self that is notorious for picking up (and reading) multiple books at the same time.

But not at the EXACT same time because that just isn’t my super power. Though it would be fabulous

I mean I’m typically immersed in about three or four story lines in the sense that I juggle books. For instance, I carry one in my purse/tote bag/book bag at all times. Then, I have a different book on my coffee table for evening reading. I might have another one in my office in case I have a moment to curl up in my papasan chair. And then I have one on my nightstand for before bed reading. Not to mention the book I’m reading in preparation for a lesson or class.

I honestly blame my English degree for this issue. As an English nerd, I’m usually in at least four English classes at the same time and they all have different books for me to read so I had to learn to juggle books. Now, I’ve just taken that skill (yes… I’ll call it a skill instead of an “issue”) and applied it to my fun reading.

My husband constantly asks me how I don’t get plot lines mixed up, and I can never really give him a straight answer besides I just don’t. Perhaps it is a super power after all!

I sort of enjoy this aspect of reading though, and I think it has to do with my love of getting lost in different worlds. When I read multiple books at the same time, then I’m constantly on an adventure somewhere. And on any adventure is exactly where I want to be!

Now, with those thoughts posed….my Wednesday Wondering for you this week is

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