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Release Date: April2nd, 2013 | Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
Genre: historical fiction, adventure, time travel | Pages: 184

Earlier this year I sort of stumbled upon the first book in this series, Lost in Paris. The whole time travel aspect and Paris itself drew me in. Not to mention I was  huge fan of Marissa Moss when I was a kid! Needless to say, my fangirl-ism is still alive and well after finishing Home Sweet Rome.

I was graciously provided a copy for review from Sourcebooks Jabberwocky. I was not compensated in any way for my review (cross my heart) nor did I promise a good rating. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine.


Mira is back to time traveling, and this time she’s off to 16th century Rome! Not only is Mira still trying to help her mother come home to present day, but she has to disguise herself as a boy this time around. The Watchers are still around, trying to bully Mira back into her own time, as well as keep her away from Giordano Bruno, a famous thinker and mathematician. Mira realizes it’s his important discovery that Italian officials don’t want revealed, but will she be brave enough to save him?

5 reasons why this book is marvelous!

  1. Just like with Mira’s first adventure, I was sucked into the historical aspects of this novel! Moss has done fabulous research not only on 16th century Rome, but on Giordano Bruno, and the multitude of other historical figures in this novel. I can honestly admit that I am not a history buff, unless it is something that has happened during my lifetime or is a major (often sad) event. So, for a novel like this one to capture my attention in a historical sense has got to mean that it is not only fabulously written (unlike history books) but includes wonderful characters that make history truly come alive!
  2. Rome is another one of those cities I would love to travel too! And Moss makes the city so vivid, that I felt as if I was traveling the cobblestone streets with Mira. I could see the Colosseum and hear the murmurings of tourists. Not only does the story’s vivid descriptions create such a beautiful atmosphere for my imagination to wander too, but Moss also includes (in the back of the book) a hand drawn map of Rome and Mira’s Top Ten Places to See!
  3. Which leads me to say that yes, Moss’s signature drawings are once again a part of Mira’s adventures. Did you have any doubts?
  4. Mira is such a great heroine. I really have trouble finding anything negative to say about her. In this adventure, her character grows beyond a depth I thought she would. We get to see her progress not only in her time-traveling understanding, but within her family as well as in her worldview. I absolutely love how a middle grade heroine is developing a worldview that so many people in our society are closed minded about. She’s an inspiration to young readers because she exudes compassion, empathy, love, respect, and an open heart and mind.
  5. Finally, I really love the story Moss tells in Home Sweet Rome. She digs into history in a way I’ve never read or learned about before. Between Bruno, and Caravaggio, and Galileo, Moss teaches readers that forward thinking and bravery is important in this world. That no matter what we believe, we should be brave and stand up for our thoughts and ideas. And even if it means being persecuted for our thoughts or actions, no one can really, truly ever take away our knowledge, our hearts, or our goodwill.

CN-007Captain Nosy read it twice, and I’m following his lead!

Book Talk: Have you discovered Mira’s Diary series yet? Are you typically a fan of historical fiction? If not, you have GOT to check them out! Seriously… Mira’s time traveling is awesome!

Hopeful reading!