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Release Date: May 3rd,  2013 | Publisher: Putnam Juvenile
Genre: Adventure, Pirates, Family | Pages: 336

Back in March, I was contacted about The Chronicles of Egg  series, and since I am always looking for grand adventures, as well as MG books narrated by boys, I jumped at the chance to read the novels! I thoroughly enjoyed Deadweather and Sunrise and am stoked to share with you the release of New Lands!
Hold on to your stomachs Matey’s…this one is adventurous!

I was graciously provided a copy for review from Putnam Juvenile. I was not compensated in any way for my review (cross my heart) nor did I promise a good rating. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine.


After a narrow escape with death, Egg is back for another adventure with his one armed, and perhaps slightly deranged mate, Guts. This time though, they’re leaving the comforts of home and headed to the New Lands in search of the lost Okalu tribe–all because Egg has hidden away a mysterious map in his brain and needs help deciphering it.
But of course, Roger Pembroke is back, ruthless as ever, and determined to off Egg like he did the rest of his family. Not knowing who to trust, Egg and Guts take a chance and pair up with  beautiful Okalu refugee, Kira, and of course the snarky Millicent. The infamous Burn Healy also makes a dashing appearance, and perhaps Egg will side up with the pirates after all.
With the air of swashbuckling adventure, Egg is off chasing treasures and saving ladies, just to discover an ancient tribal secret.

5 Reasons Why This Book is Marvelous!

  1. The first installment of Egg’s adventures left me with a cliff hanger, so I was no doubt ready for wherever Egg was headed. Rodkey does a fabulous job of keeping the adventure strong, and though the pirates are few in this story, it’s still definitely swashbuckling. This time around, Egg and his partners enter new territory for all of them, and I loved following them along on their discoveries and misfortunes. And it true adventure series fashion, New Lands leaves the reader hanging with only the thought of “what’s going to happen next?”
  2. Egg–oh Egg–is back! The ratio of boy:girl narrators is so low that I almost always fall head over heels in love with a boy narrator. Especially a MG boy narrator. This time around, poor Egg is dealing with the loss of his family and being on his own. He’s confident one minute and scared to the death the next. His character sums up a middle grade boy perfectly. Throughout the entire novel, Egg is caught between childhood and adulthood–he has to be in charge and he has to follow orders–and even though this is a full fledged adventure fantasy, Egg is extremely realistic. My heart hurts for him so many times because he is caught in between, and at the same time, I am so excited to have found a true, MG boy protagonist that I desperately want to see him struggle, simply so he can overcome.
  3. Along with Egg, I feel as if all of the characters grow tremendously in this novel. Which I feel helps this story avoid the “second book in a series” syndrome. I do not know if The Chronicles of Egg series will be a trilogy or longer series, but either way–in no way was this story simply a plot holder or dud. As the plot moves forward, the characters move forward. I felt every element in this story grew with a purpose, and it isn’t until the end that we actually see that purpose, preparing us for Egg’s next adventure.
  4. With that being said—I WAS SO RIDICULOUSLY SURPRISED AT SO MANY TIMES in in this story. (Sorry for the all caps moment, but I have to share my excitement with you.) At first I thought perhaps my finals’ brain was making me miss connections and I just was not predicting this story as I usually do with others, but in fact I was wrong. Rodkey plotted the story in a way that leaves me with a “WHAT?!?!? That just happened.” moment. Multiple times. And, seeing as how there were several elements of surprise, I was super happy. A few of the surprises did leave me hanging but I am 100% sure they will be summed up in the next book.
  5. Pirates. What can I say… I have this secret love of pirates. I’m pretty sure if I could run off into any sort of adventure story, I would be a pirate. But not some deck scrubbing pirate. Nope. I’d be the captain. In fact, I’d be a captain all other pirates feared. Sort of like Burn Healy. And I’d probably have someone like the cute Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time as my first mate. But I digress….

I’ve got to get to the fun….


One lucky reader will win a paperback copy of the first book in The Chronicles of Egg Series, Deadweather and Sunrise as well as a hardback copy of New Lands courtesy of Putnam Juvenile.
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Book Talk: Did you get a chance to read Deadweather and Sunrise? Are you a fan of swashbuckling adventures? What do you think the new lands hold for Egg?

Hopeful reading!