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I’ve been noticing a trend in my reading over the last year…especially with all of my DNF’s lately, and I’m wondering if this trend is just my weirdness or if it’s something that’s out there in the book blogging world.

Since I’m trying to sit back and enjoy my few moments of freedom before work kicks in, I decided to make a trip to the library today. Plus I had a million books overdue. Of course I walked out with a new book–but only one this time!

However, I’m pretty sure there were at least five or six books on the shelves that just happen to be on my TBR list. Yet, I didn’t feel like reading them right now. They just weren’t jumping out at me.

So I took a step back to think about it, and I realized they all included fantasy elements, or magic, or mystery, or anything except contemporary and realism.

Right now, like every summer, I am on a huge contemporary/realism/romance reading spree. As far back as I’ve been addicted to YA literature, I can remember spending my summers jumping into contemporaries. Heck, when I was in junior high I was absorbing Sweet Valley Twins and Judy Blume.

But then Fall and Winter roll around, and I am all over the fantasy genre, or in the past few years -dystopian- or even paranormal. I mean, I have had

on my list to read for AGES. And it was on my library’s shelf. Right there in front of me. But I didn’t check it out.

Instead, I checked out Which hasn’t even been on my radar, but it’s contemporary/realism, and I thought why not add it to my pile?

Which ultimately made me curious as to if I have some super weird reading habit where I only like to read certain genres at certain times of the year, or if this is a habit that others find themselves falling into as well. And if so, why?
Is it like how in the dark and dreary winter we tend to eat heavy, rich comfort food to cheer us up i.e. typically reading more depressing and darker genres of books. But in the summer, all we want is light and airy like salads and fruits, i.e. beaches and boys?

So, with those thoughts posed….my Wednesday Wondering for you this week is

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Book Talk: Please tell me that you are so I know I’m not alone in this weirdness! If you are a seasonal genre reader, what reads do you pair up with what seasons? What are you currently reading as we move into summer?