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Author: Ally Carter | Website | TSIBAN 1600px RGBBlog|
Publication Date: February 5th, 2013 |
Publisher: Hyperion
My Interest: I live a double life of crime|
Source: Library
Age Group | Genre: YA| Contemporary, Realism, Heist, Mystery, Romance
Series: Yes, Heist Society|
Pages: 328

I feel as if I have seriously been waiting forever for this story! I discovered Ally Carter last year, and immediately fell in love with her writing. Honestly, I don’t know how I haven’t zipped my way through Gallagher Girls yet.
If I could live a double life–and I might, I just won’t tell you–I would so be a thief/spy/international-awesome-person-with-immediate-access-to-lots-and-lots-of-money-and-awesome-gadgets.
But since I’m not–or maybe I am?–I’ll settle for Ally Carter’s stories.
They are simply fabulous.

I checked out a copy from my local library. I was not compensated in any way for my words (cross my heart) nor did I promise a good rating. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine.


Katarina Bishop and W.W. Hale the fifth are most definitely from different worlds. And until now, they’ve worked together perfectly–on and off the scene of the crime. But when a tragedy strikes Hale’s family and he is left in charge of their multi-billion dollar company, the Bishop family, full of criminal masterminds, might not be able to count on Hale as their financial backer anymore.
Kat feels that Hale is more than just money to her, and even if there isn’t room for their old heists in his new role, she refuses to let Hale slip away that easily. In fact, once Kat realizes Hale might actually be a mark, she also sees how saving him might just mean losing him.


So many times I read, I just want to fall into the story, become the main character, and carry out whatever it is they are doing. Perfect Scoundrels is no exception. I mean, if I could get away with it, I would thieve for good. A Robin Hood sorts of character. That would be me.
But since I can’t, legally and all, I’m sure glad it’s the kind of person Katarina Bishop is.
Where to begin? How about this: think romance, struggles, Kat in an impossible position caught between a boy and family, slimy bad guys who reek of bad, and a fabulously fun family all in the “bizz” together, and a team of tricksters all culminating in the perfect con.

Or simply–> Teenage Ocean’s Eleven.

I cannot imagine the effort it takes to write a novel of this sorts, and for that reason, I give props to Carter’s imagination. She knows the ins and outs of a heist story, and her made-up cons drive the plot of this novel. Though we get flashbacks of Kat and Hale’s relationship, what we really see in this story is the two of them maturing and moving forward. But it isn’t easy. Both are caught in impossible places within their family’s business–Hale, the rich corporation manager and Kat, conning others.
However, that sweet little twist of romance finds it’s place within the giant con, and the mere fact that these two characters are teens makes itself known.

I really enjoy how Carter leads the reader along on whatever con it is Kat’s family is setting up–and this time around she is the one leading. But then, we move through the story as time happens, and unlike Ocean’s Eleven, we don’t get the inside scoop on how the con really played out. Sure, I’m super curious. And sure, I want to add it to my super-spy notebook. But I’m ok not knowing. Because whether or not the con really works in the end, we find out more important things like the value of family and relationships.

At times I think stories like these are impossible, but who’s to say there aren’t teenage criminal masterminds among us? After all, Carter’s characters are fairly realistic, despite their criminal tendencies. I’m sure she has a few of her own cons up her sleeve when it comes to writing stories like Perfect Scoundrels, or at least some sort of nifty Inspector Gadget that aids her imagination.

But then again, I wouldn’t give up any secrets if I were her. Except for the fact that her story, as always, is awesome.

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Final Thoughts

psfinal-wordsBook Talk: Have you read Perfect Scoundrels yet? Or any of the other Heist Society novels? What sort of thief would you be…good or bad?

Hopeful reading!