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A few weeks ago I had this epiphany that I would start a new summer feature on the blog featuring Sarah Dessen books because they are my ALL TIME FAVORITE. Basically, my plan was to work on my own writing by crafting essays about how my life connects with her books. I even came up with a super cool graphic.
And actually, this connect-Sarah-Dessen-books-with-my-life project has been an ongoing one for me that I’ve been working on for a few years (it was my creative non fiction thesis idea, actually, while I was in grad school) but guys…I’m just not feeling it right now.
It’s sort of been my struggle to craft these well written essays for awhile now. 1. Because I’m so out of practice with CNF and 2. I still just don’t think it’s the right time in my life for memoirs. So for now, I’ve scheduled my intro post way into the future, and I’ll be doing something else to keep me writing.

In fact, I’ve been working on a MG novel idea and I really, really, really want to write it. I also really, really, really need to write it because it’s helping me deal with my grief of losing my grandmother.

So…instead of trying to work on my CNF writing… I’m going to start keeping myself accountable for said MGN(which is what I’m titling it currently. “Middle Grade Novel” real original. I know. ) I also want to branch out a little bit on the blog by sharing my own writing, and I have plenty of time this summer to write so really, this is a win-win situation for me.

Welcome to T&T

(PS…I do NOT take credit for this AWESOME drawing. My friend Grace, who I met while studying abroad in Ireland, is working on her own book, and way back when I challenged her to write about our travels. Since she chose my entry, she created this fabulous doodle graphic of a middle grade heroine. The coolest part–I think–is that her drawing is EXACTLY how I was picturing my character!)

So….every Thursday, I’m hoping to share with you a little bit about my tales and trials of writing. Starting with this:

My heart’s deepest desire is to be a writer–more so a middle grade author than YA–but most days, I struggle with even starting to write because I’m afraid my words will never be good enough.

Good enough for what–I’m really not sure.

This thought, more so than writer’s block, plagues my writing. So to combat it this summer, I’m just going to write. Forget about perfection. Forget about clean editing. Forget about publishing. Forget about anyone even liking my stories. I have one in my heart right now that I need to write because it’s helping me move forward in a time of loss. It’s about a little girl who loses her Grandmother. It’s about grief. It’s about sadness. It’s about songs and sprites and most of all, hope.

And I’m going to write it.

I figure, if I started this week and write 500 words a day. I’ll reach 50,000 words by September. That’s a lofty goal, and I know that I often fail my lofty goals (look at me already–it’s Thursday and I’ve only written 554 words, granted, I have been working all week and my “free summer” didn’t really start until today.)

So–out with the old Cait and gigantic lofty goals and in with the new.
MG writer Cait is here for the summer. She’s going to be accountable by posting and she’s going to write–trying for at least 500 words a day.
(And apparently she is going to refer to herself in the third person.)

I probably won’t give away much of my story on here just so I can keep it to myself for a little while, but who knows, I may. I want to be a writer, and part of that is having an audience.
But the only way to be a writer is to write. And to share it in some form. Whether it’s word count, or snippets, or plot struggles….

I’m taking ownership and believing I am good enough.
I’m calling myself a middle grade writer because I am.
It’s time to find my story.

MG writer, signing off to write.