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Welcome to this week’s edition of: T&TOK…so I definitely have slacked on my goal of 500 words a day, but I’ve made a little progress. It’s been hard since I’m on a “mini vacation” this week, but I’m up to 1,215 words. I’ve got a prologue and chapter 1 down, but I need to develop both a bit.

My prologue definitely needs more work–I feel as if I’ve introduced the conflict of the story, but I think with where I’m headed, I need more internal conflict in the beginning. It’s a flashback, so I need a more description, but I’m working on forward motion so I’m not revising what I have yet. Just jotting down notes of what I want to look at when I come back around to it.

As for the chapter 1, I found time this week to sit in a coffee shop and just write. I feel like this book might take a while because I’m old fashioned and I like to physically write. Earlier this week I had inspiration, and I actually typed up a note on my phone–so I’m working with a pen and journal, my phone, and the computer, transcribing my notes from everywhere into one document. I would rather do that than be somewhere and have nothing to jot down my thoughts on. So far, I’ve got a lot of dialogue going on, and a mini introduction to the problem–but I need more internal conflict (I feel that this is important in MG novels–Do you?) and definitely more description. I have an idea for a lead in into chapter 2, and I’m excited about where I’m heading with it. (It actually was inspired by something that happened to me today and it involves my Grandpa and roses.)

Plus, my biggest inspiration right now for my story, besides my own grief, are some images I found online by a fabulous artist. I know a lot of writer’s turn to music for inspiration (I even introduced Soundtracks & Stories this week) and yes, music plays part in my writing, but for me–visual aspect inspires. I’ll see something out in life, or take a glance at an image, and suddenly, I have a character in mind, or a setting in place. I guess the whole “write what you know” really does work for me.

I’m still struggling with the bigger plot-line of the story, but I’m also sort of just writing as I go along. I’ve never focused on a story long enough to decided whether I’m a plotter or just a write-for-it kind of writer. I’m sure the story itself has a hand in the way I create it. And right now, since I’m writing just for me, I’m simply writing.

Which it is definitely time to do.

MG writer, signing off to write.