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Welcome to today’s Friday Follies!I originally started this series to combat my winter blues, and spend time around the world. But then school kicked my butt, and traveling–of any sorts–was out of the question.

So, I’m spending my summer traveling. It’s the perfect time to escape with some good reads and visit all those places I will hopefully really visit someday.
But until then, today’s edition actually includes a real life getaway.
it’s not my ideal summer vacation spot because the weather isn’t always up to par…but this destination holds family. Which trumps weather any day.

Blog1Destination: Minnesota

Travel plans via Shiver, Breadcrumbs, and car.

Travel buddies: Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Brother, & Sis-in-Law

So, normally my Friday Follies include weekend travel by escapism only, but today is a little bit special. I have family who live in Rochester, MN and my cousin’s wedding is bringing me to town!

The Books

Though, in my travels I’m positive I’ll be staying out of the wolf-infested woods. I haven’t read Shiver yet, but I have heard nothing but great things about Stiefater’s story. I loved The Raven Boys, and her writing style, so I’m sure this will be a great book to keep me company! Since the MN woods are also owned by the Snow Queen, I think I’ll avoid any iced over lakes or sleds I come across. Breadcrumbs was a fabulous read, and as much as I loved the imaginative retelling, there are plenty of other sites–besides an ice castle–that I’d like to see.

The Sights

The weekend will be filled with wedding festivities, but if there’s any free time, I definitely want to escape to the Chateau Theatre. In 1927 it opened as a Vaudeville Theater, and was later converted to a movie theater. Premiering the 1940 Gone with the Wind through the 1980’s Star Wars movies, it was one of Rochester’s best cinema houses.

But since 1994… it’s a Barnes and Noble.
I definitely think I will be making a trip there this weekend!

It may be a little bit of a drive, but the next site to see would have to be the Mall of America. I mean, how could I get so close to it and not visit? Besides, the Lego store and Nickelodeon Universe  look like adventurous spots for summer vacation!

Sometimes I love little weekend getaways. Even if you can’t cram a lot of touristy things in a few days, it’s still just simply nice to get away.

Besides, my follies are all about good books to travel by!

Now it’s your turn!

Book Talk: Do you like weekend getaways? Have you ever been in Minnesota or the Mall of America?
What do you think of Shiver and Breadcrumbs?

Hopeful traveling!