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In the month of May, I read 13 books.  I’m thinking that school really hinders my reading ability, and I should just find a job where I get to read books all day and write about them.

Or perhaps teach them. Or recommend them. But I’m working on that.

For now, I’m spreading out my YA reads in different formats. I think my month of May alone would just about cover my YA reviews for the whole summer, but I don’t want to take up blog space by doing full reviews of every single one of them. Sometimes I just don’t have time. Plus, I like variety and I need to get my thoughts out before I forget!

Welcome to today’s

S&SI was super excited to pick up today’s feature because the author is from my area of the states, and I think that made me have an immediate connection with her.
Plus, her story is about time travel– and I’m sort of obsessed with that sci-fi ability.
Contemporary YA Whovian? Perhaps. Except there aren’t any aliens in this story and the author JUST started watching the show.
There’s no David Tennant appearance, but there is a swoon-worthy boy.
Today’s selection of soundtracks and stories is:

s&s-tmepestAuthor: Julie Cross | Blog | Publication Date: January 17th, 2012 |
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin | Source: Library |
My Interest: Wishing for the Time Travel Gene, Local Author|
Age Group | Genre: YA| Sci-Fi, Romance | Series: Yes | Tempest |
Pages: 339 |

The Story

I sort of sped through this story because it was simply adventurous. I’ve been a fan of The Time Traveler’s Wife since before the movie came out, and yes this is similar since there’s romance and all–but the time traveling element itself sort of blew my mind. I’ll admit, my journey into sci-fi is very recent, simply because I didn’t think I had the brain capacity to read it. Come on–you know sci-fi is often out there and sometimes you just have to read slowly to really understand how everything comes together. I’m notorious for blowing through pages, and then having to flip back a couple of chapters to understand what’s going on in the plotline. But–Tempest was a page turner!

We fall into the plot pretty quickly with Cross’s story, and I’m super excited that Tempest is a trilogy. I’ll admit, I fell in love with Jackson Meyer, and then I sort of had a whole love-hate thing with him at the end. But, read the story and you’ll see why. Cross’s characters are fabulous, and her plot is definitely complicated. But it’s not so complicated that readers are confused or lost. I’m telling you–you’ll want to keep on reading to figure out what happens!

The Song

It wasn’t until after I read the story that I found today’s song. In fact, I think it was the day after I finished, and I was driving across town, listening to the college radio station (it seriously has fabulous music.) Anyway, “Timeless” by The Airborne Toxic Event came on, and I was all “This is perfect for Tempest!!!” I think I might have even had some crazy, yell-out-loud moment in my car.

I heard the opening notes of the song and it hit me–the guitar riff that sounds like strings and the staccato bass note. It’s what I had been hearing in my head when Jackson travels through time.
Then there’s the lyrics, “As she disappeared alone in the darkness / I felt her spirit stay in the room / And I wished that our lives were just endless / Cause it’s all too short, and I’m leaving too soon.” Seriously, it’s like a match made in heaven. I read the story, then I read the lyrics–and all sorts of things were clashing together in my head about the plot, and time, and love. Sometimes my thoughts are hard to explain, so just read the book. Then listen to the song. You’ll get it. Hopefully.

One last connection–I’m always surprised by music videos because sometimes they are just so far off from what I’m thinking about the song lyrics. In this case, I even feel like the video sort of visualizes a certain part of the novel. Near the end, Jackson travels to someplace he’s never traveled before, and the way the world looks in the story– bleak and open and memorizing and empty–is captured perfectly by the “Timeless” music video.

The Suggestion

If you are a fan of sci-fi, time travel, romance, and crazy-adveturous-page-turning-plots, this is definitely a YA read to check out. Tempest is simply an exhilarating read–one that I could not put down because of all of the emotion, and action, and time jumping going on. A highly recommended read! And…if you are the kind of reader that likes full soundtracks for stories, check out author Julie Cross’s playlist.

Book Talk: So what do you think? Are you a Soundtracks & Stories kind of reader or am I some crazy person trying to piece together lyrics and novels? If you’ve read the book and know the song –or even if you’ve just now heard it–do you see how they fit together? Or at least how my mind fits them together?

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Hopeful reading!